Parting as Friends,Not Enemies.

I love:
My friends. Family. God. Video games. Food. Singing. Anything sweet. Movies. Music. Cody Simpson. One republic. Ke$ha. Writing stories. Writing songs. Playing piano. Reading. Tumblr. YouTube. iTunes. Apple anything (company). Nintendo whatever. Hawaii. Swimming. Snorkeling. Surfing. Socializing. Asian foods. Going to the movies. Hawaiian food. Hula dancing. My iPod. The colors purple,blue,and green. My Wii. Hello kitty. Selena gomez. Taylor swift. Palm trees. Flowers. Friendship bracelets. Volleyball. Aquatic animals. Beaches. Beach houses. Apps. Buying stuff. Not spending money. Going places with my friend. Or family. Pools. Card games. Board games. Guitar. The sound of violins. Guys with green,blue,or brown eyes. Mostly green or blue. Or maybe grey. Blonde or brunette hair. Guys with dimples.

MOSTLY PEOPLE WHO ARE EXACTLY OR PARTIALLY OPPOSITE OF ALL OR PART OF THESE. If you are different,be proud of that. I love people who are weird or different. Beautiful eyes are one of the first things I see. I know you don't wanna read this much. But if you wanna know about me,read anyway. :)

I LOVE YOU!!! <3. :)
Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Nice. And amazing. That's what YOU are. And mostly-remember that you are important. To anyone. :)
Parting as Friends,Not Enemies.